Emergency Management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires every community in the nation to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan and it must be updated every five years.  While other emergency plans are approved at the State level, all Hazard Mitigation Plans must be approved by FEMA. An approved plan is a requirement for the Town to qualify for emergency grant funding. The last revision of the Radiological Emergency Response Plan was completed in 2015. This update is a result of new requirements for the structure of the plan as set forth by FEMA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

It is the local community that must be prepared to respond first to take care of its neighbors. Greenland continues to seek individuals to join our emergency management team in protecting the community. Any individual who has a special need or requires special assistance, should contact the Town Office, Fire or Police Departments, or the NH Office of Emergency Management so the information can be on file in the event of an emergency. This information will be held in confidence in a sealed file.