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Coakley Landfill
Coakley Landfill

Coakley Landfill History

"The Coakley Landfill Superfund site is located in the towns of North Hampton and Greenland and abuts the town of Rye to the east. Situated on the southernmost portion of a 92-acre parcel, the landfill itself is approximately 27 acres and received municipal and industrial wastes from 1972 to 1982. From 1982 to 1985, when land-filling activities terminated, the site received incinerator residue from the Portsmouth Refuse-to-Energy Facility at Pease Air Force Base.In 1983, the State received a complaint from residents, living near the southeastern corner of the landfill, about the quality of water coming from their water supply wells. Water samples were taken and the results of the chemical analyses reported the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in several residential wells. Water lines from three local utility companies were promptly extended into the area and, by the end of 1983, most of the homes and businesses east of the Site were connected to public water supplies." (Source: NH DES).  Read more historical information by visiting: NH DES History of Coakley Landfill

Coakley Landfill Dedicated Websites

The EPA has a website dedicated to the Coakley Landfill with many documents that are available to the public at: EPA - Coakley Landfill Website

The Coakley Landfill Group website includes meeting minutes and other information. 

Other Resources, Documents and Articles of Interest


3/16/22 EPA Response to Deep Bedrock Investigation Final Report

1/10/22 Summary of the PFOSA Sample

1/6/22  Spring 2021 Draft Summary Report

1/6/22 Deep Bedrock Study Investigation Final Report

9/24/21 EPA: Fifth Five-Year Review Report for the Coakley Landfill Superfund Site 

5/7/21 NHDES Commissioner Robert R. Scott's Letter to the Coakley Landfill Group 

4/28/21 Portsmouth Herald Article: 'Shocked and saddened': Greenland blasts Coakley Landfill Group for alleged PFAS failures

4/26/21 Letter from Greenland BOS Chairman to NH DES

4/14/21 CLG Activity Report

3/4/21 NHPR Article: EPA Says Coakley Landfill 'Impacted' Some Nearby Wells; PFAS Chemicals Found In Superfund's Cap

3/3/21 EPA Presentation and Coakley Updates

3/3/21 CLG Activity Report 

1/13/21 CLG Activity Report

12/19/20 Portsmouth Herald Article: Another PFAS detected in wells near Coakley Landfill

10/09/20 EPA Letter in Response to CLG's Surface Water Treatment Options

9/17/20 CLG Surface Water Treatment Options - House Bill 494

5/13/20 Summary of Bedrock Groundwater Flow Conditions

8/16/19 NHPR Article: Sununu Signs Bill to Clean Up Coakley Landfill Site

6/26/19 NHPR Article: Testing And Tensions Continue At Coakley Landfill Superfund Site

3/20/19 Foster's Article: NH House declares ‘imminent hazard’ at Coakley landfill

6/7/2018 NHDES Presentation on Coakley

8/14/18 NHPR Article: At Coakley Landfill Site, Government Assurances Meet Public Fear

9/28/17 Addendum to the Fourth Fifth Year Report

9/26/16 EPA Fourth Fifth Year Report

2017-2018 Notes from Board of Selectmen Meetings

EPA Webpage on Coakley, contains many documents and lots of information

Addendum to the 4th Fifth Year Review

Breakfast Hill Road Preliminary Plan

Cancer Clusters: A Toolkit for Communicators

Coakley Landfill Superfund Site - North Hampton (5 year review)

Drinking Water and Groundwater Advisory Commission Documents: 10.05.17

Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund - Grant Agreement (Breakfast Hill Water Main Improvements)

EPA/NHDES Update - 01.09.2018

EPA/NHDES Update - 11.02.2017

EPA Coakley Landfill Update - 07.27.2017

EPA Response: Draft Deep Bedrock Investigation Work Plan - 05.01.2018

In-Home Water Filtration Options

Minutes: Rye Cancer Cluster Update Meeting - 03.30.2016

Press Release: 04.08.2016