Seacoast Emergency Response Team

Greenland Police Department is a member community of the SERT Team, contributing one (1) operator and one (1) negotiator to the team.  SERT is similar to a Special Weapons and Tactics team, in that they respond exclusively to potentially violent or deadly situations.  They are highly trained to stop certain threats, save and/or extract persons from dangerous situations and to protect any and all innocent people in the area of an ongoing crime scene. The team is comprised of 14 communities in Rockingham County, so resources in the form of personnel and equipment are shared.  Some eexamples of when the SERT team is utilized includes the shooting incident when Chief Maloney was shot and killed in 2012, the Boston Bombing in 2015, numerous suicide threats (with possible hostages present), and high risk warrant services.

SERT’s Mission Statement:
SERT is committed to the successful resolution of crisis situations by effectively utilizing tactical operations, strategic maneuvering, and calculated responses.  A highly well-managed team is necessary to ensure the safety of its citizens when emergencies arise.  It is the purpose of SERT to provide a trained and disciplined force that will function as a resource to the community it is sworn to protect.  Ultimately, SERT will fulfill the promise to guard life and liberty to all citizens while completing each mission.