Welcome, K-9 Willow!

Willow - 22 Weeks
GPD K-9 Officer Willow

K-9 Willow is still our newest officer, but she has grown so much!  Willow is 22 weeks (5 & 1/2 months) now, and is still growing like a weed!  She completed her first puppy obediance class several weeks ago, but she still trains every day!  After advanced obediance (and after she turns 1), we'll enroll her in a certification course to become a Comfort/Therapy Dog to help victims and witnesses of trauma.  Even now, she (and her handler, Admin Asst Eli) goes to the school for classroom visits, reading time and just to say hello.  Willow's also made several appearances at Webster in Rye and other organizations/stores/areas around Greenland.  Feel free to stop by the police station to meet her!