Swimming Pools

Pool Safety

With warmer temperatures, pool season is here. The Building Inspector's Office would like to remind residents that the Town of Greenland has requirements for swimming pools. It's important that pools having a depth of 3' or more of water be surrounded by a substantial wall, fence or other enclosure a minimum of 5' high. Per the Greenland Building Regulations, adopted in 1974: Purpose: To insure the health and safety of the people of Greenland, more particularly to help prevent accidental drowning and electrocution in swimming pools.  Standards: 1) All outdoor artificial pools which have a maximum depth of more than 3' when filled to capacity with water shall be surrounded by a substantial wall, fence or other enclosure having a minimum height of 5'. In the event an artificial pool has elevated sides higher than 5' and it is so constructed that a child cannot easily climb the pool sides or otherwise gain access to the pool, no fencing is required. 2) The wall, fence or other enclosure shall be constructed so that a child will be unable to crawl under or through, or easily climb over it so that in fact, the only easy access to the pool is a gate or door. All such gates or doors shall be secured when the pool is not attended. 3) All pools, hereafter constructed must comply with this Ordinance, and all existing pools must comply by June 15, 1974. 4) These requirements shall not apply to natural bodies of water such as ponds and streams, nor shall it apply to ponds constructed primarily for agricultural or industrial purposes. 5) All such installations shall comply with National Electrical Code where appropriate.